Hydraulics and Irrigation researchers present strategies for the use of energy in the Lower Guadalquivir Valley, which boasts the largest photovoltaic plant for self-provisioning

Martes, 25 Junio 2024 08:47

Pauses in human activity benefit biodiversity

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A study published in Global Ecology and Conservation shows that Covid-19 lockdowns had a positive impact on the quality of species' habitats

UCO researcher Tom Vanwalleghem participated in the work, along with authors from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the University of Oregon, in the US; and the University of Minas-Gerais in Brazil

Today the journal Science Advances today publishes a breakthrough study that changes the way we understand cyanobacteria, which are essential for the sustenance of life. The study shows that these organisms do not operate in isolation, but rather physically interact through nanotubes, which function as exchange bridges between cells

A study by the University of Cordoba analyzes trends in the blooming patterns of the genus Quercus in Andalusia, using pollen concentrations in the air and  confirming their effects on allergies

UCO researcher Manuel de la Estrella is part of an international team, led by the Kew Botanical Gardens, which has developed the "tree of life" of flowering plants as a tool with a multitude of uses, from the classification and identification of plants, to conservation in the face of climate change

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